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“I must say that I’ve enjoyed TLR articles very much since you’ve been active. It’s really my only source of local news. — Brian Wittmayer

“God save our news sources, especially local ones!!” — Sue Burroughs Field

“Thanks for your work ” — Judith Bergman

“Thank you for the work you do. It’s much easier to keep up with national news than local.” — Marian Olson

“Congratulations on a fine paper!” — James Williams

“Thank you for spearheading this effort for much-needed local news ” — Michele Lynn

“Thanks for your good work! ” — Gordon Whitaker

“I am so appreciative of your efforts to provide our community with a much-needed local newspaper and am happy to do my small part to help.” — Susan Worley

“Good luck. We are eager for you to succeed.” — Peter Barnes & Jean Anne

“The preview edition is terrific!!” — Olympia Stone

“I will be proud to be included.” — Marcia Koomen

“I’m reading everything you send me. Yea!!!” — Karen Lazarus

“It’s great to have a local “paper” again!”  — Laurie McDonald

“Craig and I are honored to support you.”  — Susan Romaine

“Thanks and hopeful success to this undertaking.” — Charles Berlin

“Thanks for reporting on local issues like our schools, local businesses and UNC CH. I hope The Local Reporter helps build a sense of community by informing the residents with integrity.” — Marisa Kathard

“I have been impressed with what you have already done with The Local Reporter. I am thrilled to help support this effort!” — Pamela Schultz

“Good luck with your local news source for Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County! We desperately need it. We canceled our News and Observer because it was useless to us. We wish you success. Please do some investigative journalism in our area also.” — John and Kate Christian

“I’d be honored to have my name listed as one of the donors on your website. My husband was a reporter, then a copy editor for both of our local newspapers. He and his colleagues valued unbiased, honest reporting. They sought balance in news, with local human interest stories holding equal weight with politics and world news. I’m so glad to see that local journalism may be coming alive again.” — Gay Shetley Bonds

“Thank you for providing interesting, well-written local news” — Linda Shipman

“​We NEED local journalism to fill a tremendous gap, and you do a great job.” — Jenny Walker

I read your paper religiously. I am the daughter of a newspaperman, who published and edited a paper in Sampson County. He always said his job was to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.  His paper was ultimately acquired by a chain, and it was never the same. I should have donated to you earlier, my apologies! There was a piece last night on 60 Minutes on community journalism, how important it is, and what’s happened to newspapers all over the country. It is so sad. Anyway, thanks for what you do. — H. Stewart Parker
“Your publication is vital to our community. In my opinion your publication is the only real journalism in this supposedly enlightened county.”
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