Who is Running for Office in the May 17 Primary Election?


By David Schwartz

Elections will be held May 17 2022 for various local, state, and federal offices. The May election is a primary election, in which the different political parties choose which candidates will represent them in the fall general election. Below we have compiled information about the candidates who have filed to run for the three offices that represent Orange County in the NC State Legislature (Senate District 23, House Districts 50 and 56) and the candidates running for Orange County Register of Deeds and Carrboro Town Council.  More candidate information will be added as it becomes available.

Party Candidate name Campaign phone Campaign email address Campaign website
NC State Senate District 23
Dem Graig R. Meyer 919-824-4180 graig@graigmeyer.com https://www.graigmeyer.com
Dem Jamie D. Holcomb 919-426-1622 jamie@jamiefornc.com https://www.jamiefornc.com/
Rep William M. Cooke   cooke4nc@gmail.com  
Rep Landon S. Woods      
NC House District 50
Dem Renee A. Price 919-593-1904 reneeprice2012@gmail.com https://www.reneeprice4nc.com
Dem Matthew G. Hughes 919-928-4480 matt@votematthughes.com https://www.matthughesnc.com
Rep Charles D. Lopez 919-234-5881 info@lopezfornc.com https://www.lopezfornc.com
NC House District 56
Dem Allen K. Buansi 919-275-2711 info@allenbuansi.com https://www.allenbuansi.com
Dem Jonah A. Garson 919-444-2195 jonah@jonahgarson.com https://www.jonahgarson.com
Orange County Register of Deeds
Dem Mark H. Chilton 919-636-0371 mchilton@outlook.com  
Dem Penny Rich 919-960-0220 pennyrich.ch@gmail.com https://pennyrichfororange.com
Carrboro Town Council
  Eliazar Posada 919-438-5609 eliazar@eliazarforcarrboro.com https://www.eliazarforcarrboro.com
  Aja Kelleher 919-901-0407 ajaforcarrboro@gmail.com http://www.ajaforcarrborotowncouncil.org
U.S. House District NC 4
Dem Clay Aiken 919-446-1404  info@clayaiken.com https://www.clayaiken.com
Dem Nida Allam   nidaallam@nidaallam.com https://nidaallam.com
Dem Crystal Cavalier 336-530-0930  info@voteforcrystalcavalier.com https://crystalcavaliercongress.com
Dem Valerie Foushee 919-245-3266  fousheefornc@gmail.com https://valeriefoushee.com
Dem Matt Grooms 919-824-8109  matt.congress@yahoo.com  
Dem Stephen J. Valentine 919-813-0082  svalent@stephenjvalentineforcongress.com https://stephenjvalentineforcongress.com
Dem Ashley Ward 919-972-8621  ashley@ashleywardforcongress.com https://ashleywardforcongress.com
Dem Richard Watkins 202-602-2300  richardwatkins@richardlwatkins.com https://www.richardlwatkins.com
Rep Courtney Geels 919-593-6738  courtney@courtneygeelsforcongress.com https://courtneygeelsforcongress.com
Rep Robert Thomas 919-308-2549  bobthomas@gtapp.net https://robertthomasforcongress.com


Graig Meyer

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